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The Next generation Vital injector3 will assist the skin to blossom into its full form


Vital Injector 3  is multi-use injector with a capacity of loading interchangeable 1cc~5cc syringes that is versatile to various medical use. Improved the structure of injectors and needles compared to the previous device, allowing hygienic treatment.


Disposable Multi Needle

9 Pins in Round Tip

The circular designed Tip with 9 micro needles is reduced the pain sensation and treatment time. These Tips can only be used once, each pack is sterilized individually and allows hygienic and safe treatment.


Needle + Vacuum penetration process

Needle penetration depth

1.  Controllable in range up to 5mm by 0.2mm interval.

2.  Appropriate injection technique is dependent on the patient' s skin and subcutaneous fat thickness.

3.  Drug is delivered at the target/suitable depth accurately.
4. Reduce treatment time by adapting the 31G, 9 Pin multi needle.


Minimum drug loss & Maximum safety 

1. The vacuum pressure lifts up skin fold.

2. A raised skin folds allows evenly insertion all of the 9 needles and medication  is not irritate or damage the beneath tissue.



Vital injector 3

1. Double Filter System

An advanced anti-contamination system effectively protect patients and the device from contaminant. The closest filter with the injection site is designed as single-use that enhance hygienic of treatment. The secondary air filter has the Structure to easy disassemble

2. Safety pin applied

Designed to protect the user from accidental needlestick injuries.

Vital injector3 has a display screen that displays the injection information.

User can set the Depth (needle insertion depth), Dose, Velocity and Vacumm

level by simple operation of the Ul.

- Syringe type setting (1, 2, 3, 5cc)

- Vacuum level setting (1~5 Level)

- Vacuum level setting (1~5 Level)
- Needle penetration Depth setting (0.0mm~5.0mm/0.2mm interval)

- Dose (Amount of injection) setting 

- SHOT C/D (continuous/Dose mode)

- MODE setting  SK (=skin) HR (=Hair, scalp)

- Convenient audible alarm signal (Contents of syringe are almost consumed)

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