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IB Aesthetics Laser Company Limited

The leader of innovation and beauty technology


We are

Rather than distributing medical devices and innovative technology in beauty, our priority is to establish medical device standards and provide safety inspections. Calibration and maintenance of aesthetic medical equipment to support its use under international medical device standards.


We are

Behind the scenes of standardization Hospital medical equipment And leading clinics with experience In the field of medical equipment for over 18 years, we have a high level of expertise as a leading provider of medical device standards, leading hospitals and clinics to pass international certification criteria. As well as service heart Who take care of after sales Under the concept of maximum satisfaction To service users

We are

Provider of innovative beauty technology with a high standard of expertise.

ㆍ Consulting service By specialized engineers

ㆍ Repairing, maintenance and calibration of beauty medical equipment according to the standards

ㆍ Service for electrical safety inspection of medical devices according to international standards

ㆍ Providing tools that meet the needs Up to standard and up to date At an affordable price

We are ready

Professional team of experts with direct experience, ready to provide professional advice, problem solving and assistance.

Doctor Consultant

Product Specialist

Engineer Consultant

Service Engineer

Marketing Consultant

Discussion and color palette selection

To the standard of full service work

Medical equipment maintenance center

Training center

And seminar


Medical equipment maintenance center


Medical device calibration center


Research Center and

Product development


Training center

And seminar

IPL / Q-Switch Laser / Cryolipolysis / HIFU / Meso Gun / RF / ND-Yag Laser / Diode Laser / Cooling Machine / PDT / Oxygen Jet / Ultrasound / Fractional RF & Co2 / Electroporation / Microneedling Pen /

Aqua Cleanser / High intensity focused Electromagnetic



Consult with a specialist in aesthetics machines

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