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Diode Laser Hair Removal

Wavelengths 808nm Diode laser penetrates into the dermis, and are  absorbed by the targeted melanin in the hair follicles. This will form enough  thermal energy to destroy the targeted follicular epithelium because of the  laser-induced photothermal effect. In contrast, the surrounding skin tissue is 

spared due to lack of melanin. This way, the surrounding skin remains intact, while the hair follicles are selectively affected, which leads to  non-invasive permanent hair reduction.


System Cooling 

Compressor closed circuit water chiller with integrated heat exchanger. Inner distilled water circulation cooling system & air cooling 


Laser bars.

Germany imported with precise structure, guarantee steady energy in every shot. High energy up to 1200w. Advanced TEC and sapphire cooling technology is used to keep the cooling temperature at 6°c that properly cool the skinduring hair removing meanwhile ensure zero possibility for cold injury.

Diolight I 1200W

1. Long lifespan and warranty: 100 millions valid shots and 2 years warranty for handle, 1 year for mainframe.

2. Excellent quality, laser still keep working stably and continuously for at least 72 hours even under water.

3. Perfect cooling system-conduction  cooling, guarantee 72 hours long time continuous working.

4. Germany imported laser bars ensure the strong power and stable enegy

5. Elegant and high-end designed external water tank: Easy for water supplying and checking. Easy toassemble and disassemble

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