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Repair services

IBS Laser Co., Ltd. takes care of the after-sales service and repair services of all kinds of beauty medical equipment. Which the company can provide inspection and repair services for all brands of medical equipment Supervised by a team of skilled engineers And have experience in medical equipment


Receive instant information within

In 24 hours


Make an appointment

Within 48 hours


Operate service tasks
Maintenance work

Maintenance service work process

  1. When receiving information from customers The engineering team will make an appointment for a tool inspection within 48 hours or at the convenience of the customer.

  2. The engineer will inspect the equipment according to the symptoms that the customer has reported. By checking the integrity of external tools Electrical safety in accordance with the IEC 62353 medical device standard, check the operating mode of the instrument that it can still work normally or not. To analyze symptoms in repairing or replacing parts in the future

Consult with a specialist in aesthetics machines

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