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Inspection and maintenance services

(Check-up and Maintenance Service)

It is one of the methods of preventive maintenance of the tool. Before equipment is damaged, it is "replacement" or "maintenance" to "prevent" future damage. Provide medical equipment And the device can work at its best performance

Inspection and maintenance service procedures

  1. Inspect the machine according to the terms of the contract or according to the agreement. For the preparation of work plans

  2. Make an appointment with customers and prepare tools and equipment and documents for inspection.

  3. Inspect by date and time of appointments with customers. Along with informing of the audit results and recording the information in the company system

  4. In case of inspection, problems are found and need to bring the customer's machine or equipment back to fix at the company. Will carry out the steps of repair work

  5. Inform the customer to acknowledge the problems found and the reasons for having to bring the machine or equipment back to the company for inspection before taking it back to the company And proceed to the maintenance process


Check the leakage current

(Safety againsts leaking current)

Conform to IEC 62353 standard


Check the appearance of the machine

(Machine appearance inspection)

To keep the equipment working efficiently


Check the control system

(Control system)

Prevent accidents that may be caused by equipment failure.


Check the cooling system

(Cooling System)

Protection against excessive heat accumulators


Check the system of functions

(Working functionalities)

For efficiency in use

Consult with a specialist in aesthetics machines

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